Terms and conditions

By using the https://estiv2019.com website it is considered that you have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of website use.

1. Terms

A visitor on our website (https://estiv2019.com) becomes a “Buyer” when he/she places an order on the website.

The “Seller” is the Romanian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (SSFR), fiscal code: 6174758, having its headquarters in 6th of Traian Vuia Street, 2nd district, Bucharest.

“Products and Services” represent any product or service offered on the website, mentioned in the Order, which is to be delivered and provided by the Seller.

The “Order” is an electronic document that becomes means of  communication between the Seller and the Buyer, and through which the Seller agrees to deliver the Products and Services and the Buyer agrees to receive these Products and Services and pay back their consideration.

Placing an order implies registering the requested personal data such as: name, surname, complete address, e-mail address, personal telephone number. When placing an order, the Buyer agrees with collection, recording and processing of his personal data by checking the corresponding check box.

A “Contract” is a valid Order, confirmed by the Seller.

2. Selling process for the https://estiv2019.com website

An Order should only be placed after the confirmation from the European Society of Toxicology in Vitro (ESTIV) representative is received. This confirmation message comes in maximum 5 working days after the automatic e-mail that confirms the correct registration form filling.

a. By launching an Order on the website, the Buyer agrees with the communication means (e-mail, telephone number) through which the Seller undertakes its operations on the website.

b. The virtual technological system of the Seller will notify the Buyer, through different automatic messaged, about the order registration or other operations.

c. If an express confirmation from the Seller lacks, the present terms and general selling conditions will support the Contract, and will be complemented by the fiscal documents.

d. The Subject of the Contract is represented by product selling, service carrying, in conformity with stock availability, for which the Buyer expressed its wish of acquisition.

e. The Order of the Buyer – the Buyer selects the desired product(s), expresses his/her agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the online shop from https://estiv2019.com, presses the button “Add to cart”. In the “My cart” sections, the Buyer has the possibility to view the product list, change the number or products and confirm the buying intention by accessing the “Complete your Order” button. After order completion, the Buyer will receive an automatic confirmation regarding the order reception, through e-mail.

f. The Price of the Contract is represented by the price of the products or services, comprised in the validated order through the confirmation issued by the Seller.

g. The Order is only going to be placed through the website.

h. The Price of the contract can be paid through online payment, using a valid Visa or Master credit card.

i. Product delivery is considered accomplished when the Seller receives the Price of Contract and the Buyer receives his/her fiscal document. The participation to the course is than assured from the Seller’s part.

j. The Seller saves his rights to choose his clients without motivating his selection choice. In the case a Buyer breaks the selling policy or does not respect a stated agreement, the Seller can exclude the respective Buyer from its group of clients, without considering this fact a Contract infringement.

3. Post-selling

In case problems occur after you receive the product, you can write to the e-mail address: estiv2019@gmail.com. Our team will investigate the intimation or complaint and will respond through an e-mail reply within 24-72 working hours, depending on the complexity of the request.

4. Return and cancellation

Cancellation of participation has to be notified to the Seller through a message to the e-mail address: estiv2019@gmail.com In cases when cancellation of the participation occurs by 14th March 2019, 50% of the registration fee will be reimbursed. There will be no refunds after 14th March 2019.

5. Privacy policy

By accessing the website, the user accepts that his/her data is going to be kept and processed by SSFR. The purpose of processing this data is to ease the billing and delivery processes, but also to carry the selling process within legal conditions (bill issue, transaction accountancy, reports towards the financial authorities). SSFR commits itself not to disseminate to third parties the collected personal data, through selling, partial reveal or renting. The only exceptions from these rules and the legal authorities, S.C. Netopia S.R.L. which operates the online payment platform, S.C. Inomind S.R.L. which assured the website maintenance.

You have the right to oppose to your personal data processing and to request data deletion. Your data will remain saved in the financial documents issued with the occasion of the performed transaction, but will no longer be processed. For exercising this right, please write a request in this direction to estiv2019@gmail.com.

Personal data is going to be protected online as well as offline. All personal information will be processed through secure website pages that use SSL encryption certificate. By agreeing to our Privacy Policy, the users totally assume the risks.

The user has the following rights:

The users is recognised the right of being informed. The used is compelled to inform the user over the ways his/her data is used and the purpose.

The user has the right to oppose to his/her data processing, although this will make impossible to place an order and to accomplish a transaction, as his/her personal data is strictly mandatory for these operations.

For exercising and for getting assistance regarding the above mentioned rights, the user can address by writing a message to the e-mail address estiv2019@gmail.com

6. Copyright

The content of the website is the property of … and cannot be copied, broadcasted, sold or resold if no written agreement of the above mentioned society is given. The Society reserves its right to modify or to add new rules and restrictions regarding the website content in any moment, or to update any service or right of use of any service, in any moment, without previous notification.