Quick Answer: What Is An Antonym For Animosity?

What is the opposite of animosity?

Antonyms for animosity happiness, friendliness, Sweetness, liking, loving, like, kindness, friendship, sympathy, rapport, respect, good will, love..

What is the synonym for animosity?

SYNONYMS. antipathy, hostility, friction, antagonism, enmity, animus, opposition, aversion, acrimony, bitterness, rancour, resentment, dislike, ill feeling, bad feeling, ill will, bad blood, hatred, hate, loathing, detestation, abhorrence, odium.

What does ensued mean?

verb (used without object), en·sued, en·su·ing. to follow in order; come afterward, especially in immediate succession: As the days ensued, he recovered his strength. to follow as a consequence; result: When those two friends meet, a battle of wits ensues.

What is another word for egregious?

Synonyms foratrocious.deplorable.flagrant.grievous.heinous.nefarious.scandalous.shocking.

What is another word for taken over?

Similar words for taken over: diverted (adjective) obsessed (adjective) possessed (adjective) appropriated (noun)

What is the meaning of nurturing nature?

1 verb If you nurture something such as a young child or a young plant, you care for it while it is growing and developing. FORMAL Parents want to know the best way to nurture and raise their child to adulthood… The modern conservatory is not an environment for nurturing plants. ♦ nurturing adj.

What does antipathy mean?

1 : a strong feeling of dislike an antipathy to taxes a deep antipathy between the groups. 2 : something disliked : an object of aversion …

Is antipathy a positive or negative word?

An antipathy is a deep-seated dislike of something or someone. … If you look at the Greek roots of this word — anti- (“against”) and pathos (“feeling”) — you can see that antipathy is a feeling against someone or something.

What does Pathy mean?

Reviewed on 12/27/2018. pathy: A suffix derived from the Greek “pathos” meaning “suffering or disease” that serves as a suffix in many terms including myopathy (muscle disease), neuropathy (nerve disease), retinopathopathy (disease of the retina), sympathy (literally, suffering together), etc.

What is a synonym for taken away?

annihilate, take away, eradicate, withdraw, bear off, remove, carry away, decimate, wipe out, manage, pull off, detract, extinguish, negociate, take, carry off, bring off, take out, eliminate, bear away.

What is another word for has been?

What is another word for has-been?outdatedoutwornbygoneformermustyold-timeold-worldpastancientantediluvian146 more rows

What is an antonym for undulate?

Antonyms for (adj) undulate Main entry: undulate. Definition: having a wavy margin and rippled surface. Antonyms: roughen. Definition: make rough or rougher. Antonyms: unsmooth, rough.

What’s a fancy word for hate?

Some common synonyms of hate are abhor, abominate, detest, and loathe. While all these words mean “to feel strong aversion or intense dislike for,” hate implies an emotional aversion often coupled with enmity or malice.

Is animosity an emotion?

Animosity is a strong feeling of dislike and anger. Animosities are feelings of this kind. There’s a long history of animosity between the two nations.

What is an antonym for taken?

Antonyms of TAKEN unaffected, given, ununderstood.

What is the meaning of nurturing?

to feed and protect: to nurture one’s offspring. to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development; foster: to nurture promising musicians. to bring up; train; educate.