Question: What Is The Meaning Of Antipodal?

What is the meaning of calving?

to give birth to a calf: The cow is expected to calve tomorrow.

(of a glacier, an iceberg, etc.) to break up or splinter so as to produce a detached piece..

What is on the opposite side of the world from China?

Exact or almost exact antipodes cities: Hong Kong (China) — La Quiaca (Argentina) Nelson (New Zealand) — Mogadouro (Portugal)

What is meant by local time?

noun. the time based on the meridian through a specific place, as a city, in contrast to that of the time zone within which the place is located; the time in a specific place as compared to that of another place to the east or west.

What are some synonyms for angry?

Synonyms forenraged.impassioned.irate.irritable.offended.resentful.sullen.uptight.

What is a Antipodean person?

diametrically opposed. relating to the antipodes, or situated at opposite sides of the Earth. (informal) of, or pertaining to, Australia or New Zealand quotations ▼

What does Austral mean?

southernAustral means southern, often in reference to the Southern Hemisphere.

What is the antipode of India?

Serawa is the only village in India to be antipodal to a human settlement. Its neighbouring villages Mokla and the northern part of Bhadasar also have antipodes on Easter Island.

What is the meaning of Aureate?

1 : of a golden color or brilliance aureate light. 2 : marked by grandiloquent and rhetorical style aureate diction. Synonyms This History of Aureate Is Golden More Example Sentences Learn More about aureate.

What is on the other side of the world from Hawaii?

The antipodes of Hawaii Namibia and Botswana and on the opposite end of the world compared to Hawaii. … Antipodes of Hawaii live in two countries in the south of the African continent: most of Hawaii is opposite of Botswana, while the people living on the southern part of Kauai have Namibians as antipodes.

How do you use antipode in a sentence?

Antipodes in a Sentence 🔉Far from the antipodes, the couple was homesick for both Australia and New Zealand. … The man and his family have decided to immigrate to the antipodes but haven’t decided which part of Australia or New Zealand they will buy a home in.More items…

What is the opposite of Antipodes?

What is the opposite of antipodes?sameaforementionedabove-mentionedsame thingaforesaid

What is the antipode of Philadelphia?

AugustaThe antipodal city to Philadelphia is Augusta. This means that, among all the populated locations in the world, the farthest city from Philadelphia is Augusta.

What does Astral mean?

pertaining to or proceeding from the stars; stellar; star-shaped. Biology. pertaining to, consisting of, or resembling an aster; having a discoid, radiate flower head. Theosophy. noting a supersensible substance pervading all space and forming the substance of a second body (astral body ) belonging to each individual.