Question: How Do You Use The Word Heed?

What is a word for pay attention?

“People who can still pay attention to the road and judge speed and distance with reasonable accuracy may be able to give up driving in stages.”…What is another word for pay attention?attendlistenhearkenobservelend an eartake noticetake notice ofpay heed topay attention totake note of143 more rows.

What does pay no heed mean?

definitions – pay no heed to. report a problem pay no heed to (v. trans.) give little or no attention to”Disregard the errors”

What is the synonyms of heed?

In this page you can discover 66 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for heed, like: circumspect, heedful, mindful, circumspection, sounds, advertent, calculating, cautious, vigilant, apprehension and attention.

What does it mean to heed advice?

If you heed someone’s advice or warning, you pay attention to it and do what they suggest.

What does beleaguered mean?

: suffering or being subjected to constant or repeated trouble or harassment an economically beleaguered city With its life-support system cut off, the beleaguered college has embarked on a tortuous campaign to keep going.—

What’s another word for warning?

warningadmonishment,admonition,alarm.(also alarum),alert,caution,forewarning,heads-up,More items…

What is another name for advice?

SYNONYMS FOR advice 1 admonition, warning, caution; guidance; urging. 2 intelligence, word. 3 notice, advisory.

How do you use heed in a sentence?

Heed sentence examples”This is because you did not heed my advice,” Darkyn hissed. … He paid no heed to the words that were droning on, until a name riveted him to attention. … Arnie clutched at her bloodied hand, too maddened to heed his danger. … He paid it no heed, instead fascinated by the feel of her frame. … Take heed of being sharp. ..More items…

Should a heed warning?

If you heed someone’s advice or warning, you pay attention to it and do what they suggest. But few at the conference last week heeded his warning.

What does heed my words mean?

Heed is an old word, meaning “to listen to and follow.” It can also be used as a noun: “Take heed of my instructions,” said the wizard, “for the magic potion will work only by the light of the full moon.”

What does it mean to heed someone?

intransitive verb. : to pay attention. transitive verb. : to give consideration or attention to : mind heed what he says heed the call.

What does lofty mean?

extending high in the air; of imposing height; towering: lofty mountains. exalted in rank, dignity, or character; eminent. elevated in style, tone, or sentiment, as writings or speech. arrogantly or condescendingly superior in manner; haughty: to treat someone in a lofty manner.

What is the opposite of heed?

Opposite of to pay attention to, or take notice of. disregard. ignore. discount. disobey.