Question: Does Proc Means Ignore Missing Values?

What does class mean in SAS?

The BY statement and the CLASS statement in SAS both enable you to specify one or more categorical variables whose levels define subgroups of the data.

(For simplicity, we consider only a single categorical variable.).

How do you replace missing values with 0 in SAS?

proc stdize data=Miss_Values out=ProcStdizeMethod reponly missing=0; run; By default, PROC STDIZE standardizes the input data by some location and scale parameter. However, we can suppress the standardization with the REPONLY Option. This option ensures that we are only to replace missing values and nothing else.

How do you remove missing values in SAS?

If you want to remove ALL Rows with ANY missing values, then you can use NMISS/CMISS functions. data want; set have; if nmiss(of _numeric_) + cmiss(of _character_) > 0 then delete; run; for all char+numeric variables.

How does proc means handle missing values?

Missing ValuesIf a class variable has a missing value for an observation, PROC MEANS excludes that observation from the analysis unless you use the MISSING option in the PROC statement or the CLASS statement.If a BY or an ID variable value is missing, PROC MEANS treats it like any other BY or ID variable value.More items…

What is Maxdec in SAS?

ID Statement. MAXDEC=number. specifies the maximum number of decimal places to display the statistics in the output.

What is Proc Tabulate in SAS?

Proc tabulate is predominately used to make nice looking tables. Unlike proc freq this procedure can handle multiple variables in the row and column expressions. It can also handle multiple levels in both rows and columns whereas proc freq will only create two variable contingency tables.

What is the difference between proc means and proc univariate?

PROC UNIVARIATE can calculate extreme observations – the five lowest and five highest values. Whereas, PROC MEANS can only calculate MAX value. … Whereas, PROC MEANS does not support normality tests.

How do you enter missing in Proc Freq?

PROC FREQ DATA=sample ORDER=freq; TABLE State Rank / MISSING; RUN; The ORDER=freq option in the first line of the syntax tells SAS to order the values in the table in descending order. The MISSING option appearing after the slash (/) in the TABLE statement tells SAS to include the missing values as a row in the table.

What Proc requires a by statement?

The BY statement is used in SAS to instruct the DATA step or procedures to process dataset observations in groups, rather than singly. It can be used whenever SAS data is ordered, or can be accessed in order through a SAS dataset index.

Can proc means Analyse only character variables?

Question: Can PROC MEANS analyze ONLY the character variables? Answer: Proc means can analyse both numeric and character variables. But without Var option it analyses only numeric variables.

How do you replace missing values in SAS?

First, we specify the input and (optional) output data set. Then, we use the reponly keyword to only replace missing values. With the method keyword, we let SAS know to replace missing values with the group mean. Finally, with the by statement, we specify how to group the data set.

Is missing function in SAS?

The MISSING function checks a numeric or character expression for a missing value, and returns a numeric result. If the argument does not contain a missing value, SAS returns a value of 0. If the argument contains a missing value, SAS returns a value of 1.

How does retain work in SAS?

The RETAIN statement simply copies retaining values by telling the SAS not to reset the variables to missing at the beginning of each iteration of the DATA step. If you would not use retain statement then SAS would return missing at the beginning of each iteration. The retain statement keeps the value once assigned.

How does SAS deal with missing values?

Numeric missing values are represented by a single period (.). Character missing values are represented by a single blank enclosed in quotes (‘ ‘). Special numeric missing values are represented by a single period followed by a single letter or an underscore (for example .

What is proc means in SAS?

ABSTRACT. PROC MEANS is a basic procedure within BASE SAS® used primarily for answering questions about quantities (How much?, What is the average?, What is the total?, etc.)

What is Call Missing in SAS?

A relatively new call routine in SAS 9.1, CALL MISSING, allows you to set any number of character or numeric variables to a SAS missing value in one call. The syntax of this call routine is as follows: … where arg1, arg2, argn are the names of character or numeric variables.

What is proc frequency SAS?

The PROC FREQ is one of the most frequently used SAS procedures which helps to summarize categorical variable. It calculates count/frequency and cumulative frequency of categories of a categorical variable. … It also produces bar charts and tests for association between two categorical variables.

Which function can be used to calculate the number of missing values in each variable?

The first thing we are going to look at the variables that have a lot of missing values. For numerical variables, we use proc means with the options n and nmiss. For character variables, we can use proc freq to display the number of missing values in each variable.