Has Forrest Fenn Treasure Been Found?

How much is Forrest Fenn worth?

Forrest Fenn Treasure Worth Over $1 Million Found At Last..

What state was Forrest Fenn’s treasure found in?

WyomingSANTA FE, N.M. — Famed art and antiquities collector Forrest Fenn says the man who found his hidden treasure last month located it in Wyoming.

Was Forrest Fenn’s treasure found?

Forrest Fenn’s $1 million treasure hidden in Rocky Mountains found. SANTA FE – Famed art and antiquities collector Forrest Fenn, who hid $1 million in treasure in the Rocky Mountain wilderness a decade ago, said Sunday that the chest of goods has been found.

Where was Fenn’s treasure found?

The Fenn Treasure was a cache of gold and jewels that Forrest Fenn, an art dealer and author from Santa Fe, New Mexico, hid in the Rocky Mountains of the United States. It was found approximately a decade later in 2020, in Wyoming.

When was Forrest Fenn’s treasure found?

June 6Searchers spent countless hours puzzling through clues and maps; some spent thousands of dollars or quit their jobs in the pursuit. But on June 6, Fenn told the world the treasure chest had been found.

Has Forrest Fenn died?

(CNN) Forrest Fenn, whose 10-year treasure hunt inspired thousands of people to explore out West, has died, police confirmed to CNN. He was 90. Fenn died of apparent natural causes at his home in New Mexico, Santa Fe Police Deputy Chief Ben Valdez said.

Is Forrest Fenn Still Alive 2020?

Deceased (1930–2020)Forrest Fenn/Living or Deceased

Is Forrest Fenn still alive today?

Forrest Fenn, an eccentric New Mexico art dealer who enticed thousands to search for hidden treasure after he announced in a 2010 book that he had stashed a bronze chest filled with gold nuggets and jewels somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, died on Sept. … His death was confirmed by a grandson, Shiloh Old.

Who is suing Forrest Fenn?

David HansonThe Santa Fe New Mexican reported Tuesday that David Hanson of Colorado Springs sued Forrest Fenn, 89, after suspecting he was given “fraudulent statements” about the treasure’s location.