About us


The European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV) is a leading society that aims at strengthening the scientific network between organisations and individuals with interests in the many different aspects and applications of in vitro toxicology throughout Europe.

ESTIV promotes the regular exchange of information on in vitro toxicology by organizing meetings including the well-established  ESTIV Congresses, publishing a newsletter and the ESTIV website. Furthermore, ESTIV encourages and extends research and education in in vitro toxicology in Europe, co-operates with other organizations and societies concerned with in vitro approaches to toxicology, facilitates communication between professionals in government, business and academia to promote effective application of in vitro methods for hazard identification and risk assessment, and develops other activities that are pertinent to in vitro toxicology. ‘Toxicology in Vitro’ is the official journal of ESTIV.


ESTIV membership is free for bachelor, master and (post)doctoral students. The membership fee is €30 for individual members and €18 for members of affiliated societies, including the Associazione Italiana Tossicologia In Vitro (CellTox), the Dutch-Belgium Society for In Vitro Methods (INVITROM), the UK In Vitro Toxicology Society (IVTS) and the Scandinavian Society for Cell Toxicology (SCCT). Membership benefits are:

  • Reduced registration fee for the ESTIV congresses, workshops and courses
  • Reduced membership fee for affiliated societies
  • Reduced fee for the official journal of ESTIV “Toxicology In Vitro”
  • Free access to ESTIV newsletters and admission to the ESTIV e-mail network
  • Membership of ESTIV Facebook page and LinkedIn.

For membership applications, please consult the ESTIV website or contact the ESTIV secretary (secretary@estiv.org).


The American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology (ASCCT) is a scientific society dedicated to the promotion of toxicology testing and research that reduces and replaces the use of animals.

The society aims to provide an organized forum for discussion of cellular (in vitro) and computational toxicology approaches especially as replacements for animal-based toxicology methods. Through its meetings and activities, the society will facilitate the development, acceptance, and routine use of cellular and computational methods through open dialog between industry, academic, advocacy, and regulatory scientists. The society strives to include the participation of young scientists to promote their contributions to the field.


ASCCT membership is $20 for students and $50 for individual regular members (or $90 for 2 years). Membership benefits are:

  • Discounted subscription to ALTEX and Toxicology in Vitro
  • Discounted registration to ASCCT events
  • News and events updates in the in vitro and computational toxicology field
  • Access to a video archive of educational webinars given by experts in their field and advance registration access to upcoming webinars.

For membership applications, please consult the ASCCT website (www.ascctox.org) or contact the ASCCT secretary (info@ascct.org).